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DNF at 13%

Because I love my brain cells.

Choppy writing. Inconsistent reactions from the protagonist. Stupid conversations. And overuse of clichés.

Reading the paragraph about Claudia thinking how she fell for Michael at first sight despite him being a jerk should be a new form of torture. Because THAT SHIT DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

Yes, Claudia dear, Angels have wings. You can shut the fuck up now.

Oh and Michael with his I DON'T WANT YOU HERE ATTITUDE and 'cold stares'... You woulda been a heckuva lot more believable if the prologue had not been you whining about how beautiful she is and et cetera et cetera.

And there is love at first sight.

And probably there is love triangle too. I'd didn't stick around to see.

Because 13% in and I DID NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK.

Everything so far was enough to put me off.

And I'd probably had had more content to rant about if I had bothered. I didn't.

No. Just No.

Free books are usually hit or miss for me. And this book, dude, missed by an entire continent.

1/2 Star because it is impossible to give any less.