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Children of the Knight - Michael J.  Bowler It has taken me a while to get my thoughts in this book sorted out to write a proper review. Bowler has penned a powerful fantasy with so many sides to it and I must admit the book has left a lasting impact on me. This book is different from all of the young adult fantasy crawling in the bookstores these days and for someone like me who is tired of the same washed up story being told again and again - different is definitely good.

I have always enjoyed reading Arthurian Legends. You can blame that on watching the Disney movie 'The Sword in the Stone' one too many times when I was a kid. So an Arthurian story based on Los Angeles in midst of violent gang environment? I was intrigued. And not let down.

The book deals with many serious issues. It deals with child abuse mostly, also with prostitution, gang violence and society's aversion to non-conformity. There is a somber edge to the narration along with a hopeful one. The major theme of the story seems to be acceptance and mutual respect and Bowler has handled that wonderfully. Arthur's efforts to create a utopia for children to be themselves and away from harm is commendable and the way Bowler has presented it is smooth as well as believable.

This book raises two very important questions. Who is to blame for the various problems that children face - at home, at school or in the society at large? And in the real world where there is no King Arthur to swoop in with his round table of knights who is to help them?

Usually, some books try to touch a lot of issues concerning the society and fail to address them all. This book does not. It is a beautiful, thoughtful story written wonderfully that anyone can read, enjoy and ponder upon.

4 Stars

This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.