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After Hello

After Hello - Lisa Mangum After Hello is the story of two lost people who found each other. Sara sees a random guy on a busy New York street and snaps a photo of him on impulse. Sam sees a random girl on the streets stalking him and decides to talk to her on impulse. What we get is an extremely cute romance that leaves a big smile on our faces as we read it. It is not a perfect book by any means. Some parts were grossly overdone an dialogues tended to border on cheesy. This book was a perfect example of meet-cute clich├ęs. But somehow it all seemed to work out for me. I really liked Sam and Sara's chemistry. I liked the way their relationship progressed from random strangers to friends to more in the span of day in a way that did not make me gag (but did cause an occasional eye roll). What i liked even more however was Sam. And his sugar packets. And his unique approach to life. And most of all his little pink sugar packets. The issues that both Sam and Sara had with their past and/or the family however felt poorly handled. Like the author thought We can't write about two completely normal teenagers in a book so lets put in some problems in their life and went ahead with it. The resulting mood-swings of Sam were where my afore-mentioned eye rolls were mostly induced. What I liked the best about the book however was the ending and that almost made up for the few teeny issues I had with it. Almost. 3.5 stars - I am feeling pretty generous. This ebook was provided to me by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.