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Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Series #1)

Darkness Before Dawn - J.A. London Bleh. I don't know how this book made me feel. When I started this book and was introduced to the dystopian world of human cattle and Vampire overlords I just had two things in mind -- The Morganville Vampires and The Immortal Rules; which I definitely think is not a good sign. The story was quite different from these books but still it felt utterly unoriginal.It was not a horrible book. It did not make me want to tear my hair apart and break something hard. It was, in all notions, a formula book. And the thing about such books is that they usually work. But it also makes them highly predictable - and that is what happened with Darkness Before Dawn for me. I wasn't sucked into the fictional world because I knew what to expect from it. And that sort of ruined the whole book for me.The other turn-off was the dialogue. It was cheesy to the point of being mice-infested. I wanted to see more of the creepy side of Lord Valentine but sadly he couldn't live up to the evil vampire overlord image. It was exactly what a YA novel 'should' be - cheesy romance, unnecessary love triangle, sadistic hero who gets off of pushing the heroin away 'for her own good', a excited best friend and of course a heroin who has faced so many dilemmas in her life and yet has come out strong and brave. Sorry, but this whole formula book didn't work for me.It was not among the worst books I have read but it was not memorable. I was torn whether to give it 3 stars or 2. What sealed the deal for me was that I am not going to continue with the series because I know what to expect from it and I am simply not that interested.