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Night Beach

Night Beach - Kirsty Eagar "a sailor went to sea sea seato see wat he culd see see seeand all that he culd see see seewas the botum of the deep blue sea sea seaI bin down to the botum of the sea and I sed whois this who wants to cum down the botum with me?who is this?A B C no noA B EAbbeeHelow Abbee"I can divide my experience of reading this book into before and after.Before was me contemplating to throw this book to another state entirely because I just couldn't wrap my head around the Aussie-speak and surfing-speak. I found it hard to like the characters and empathize with them, or their sufferings. It was droning on painfully.And yet, I bestow this book the full honor of being a five star book.Why?Because the after more than made up for it. It was not Eagar's fault that I am from a landlocked country where the closest I get to surfing is surfing the TV channels with my remote control. But once I got the hang of the story and the creep factor started I was done for.My arms were covered in goosebumps the entire time.The emotions in this book were so raw - they were bleeding out in the words. The writing was hypnotic when I finally loosened enough to get it. The feelings, the emotions, the absolute honesty in which each and every character is portrayed - I'm mindblown.I hate ALL the characters - yes, all of them. They were weak, cowards, they didn't really grow within the span of the book. They were murky, not clearly defined. They were selfish, immature, one-dimensional. They were real. They were so painfully, agonizingly real and that is why they were so fucking amazing.This book is right up there with [b:Days of Blood and Starlight|12812550|Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #2)|Laini Taylor|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337964452s/12812550.jpg|17961723] as one of the most depressing books that I have read. The feelings that this brought on me - I'm still a mass of paranoia and hysteria.This book was eerily beautiful and beautifully eerie.I am going to sleep with my lights on tonight.I thought about giving this book 4 stars, but I just couldn't take that one star down. I just couldn't.5 stars. The after spooked me that good.