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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman This book was a huge disappointment, mostly because I had HUGE expectations. It was about dragons... Chinese dragons with mythical powers. And a girl who was pretending to be a guy to learn to control the dragons. Of course I had huge expectations!! Pity, they were crushed.The plot was too slow for my taste. Less than 100 pages into the book and I was beginning to feel drowsy - which is never a good thing while reading. Yes, I have read some books with reaalllyyy slow plots and loved them but it didn't work for Eon. I was expecting more dragon action, more backbone in my protagonist and a respectable amount of romance. Sadly I got none. I got complicated Dragoneye politics but hardly any dragon. I got a protagonist who was so whiny and driven by her PMS hormones that I was kind of surprised nobody figured out she was actually a girl sooner. It must have been the side-effects of the herbal tea, the PMS tendencies I mean. The whole book Eon/a was complaining about her so-called Dragon problem when the solution was so obvious from the very beginning, even to me - and I was not even totally into the book. When I read books like this I want my characters to have more steam in them rather than the tendency to whine about what is wrong with their lives and get into drugs. Eon/a was running from her responsibilities half the book and the other half she magically developed powers she ought not have (Surprise! Surprise!). C'mon, give me something original and interesting. I wanted more action and less politics. Even Goodman's writing style wasn't very remarkable.Eon is not a really bad book. I've read worse. But for a book with such promising premise and the possibility of being a great fantasy Eon didn't stand up to it. When venturing into the fantasy genre the writer should be able to create a world so compelling that the reader will feel like a part of it - and this is where Goodman fails. World-building and character building was poorly done and the dragons were not interesting enough.I don't think I will be reading the sequel.