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The Lonely

The Lonely - Tara Brown The blurb - I'll say before starting my review - is very, very, very misleading. Like the book and the blurb were not even in the same genre of existence let alone the same story. For the first few chapters the story went on as the blurb said - we have Emalyn, a college student, struggling with her OCD and we meet Sebastian - a *hot* dude who is ready to accept her no matter her problems aaaaanddd....... THE STORY CHANGES!I KID YOU NOT.It turns from a dark, angsty, mindfuckerish psych thriller book to a dark, angsty, BDSM romance book. Not that the story turned bad. Brown has the dark, angsty feel of the story down pat. I just feel a little cheated out of the blurb. Like I went to a restaurant and ordered a burger for myself and got a pizza instead. No matter the pizza was tastier than the burger would ever be - I would still go the manager and protest I had ordered a Burger!!I shall not say anymore of what the story becomes - I don't want to be spoilery. I'll just say this is the first Tara Brown book I have read - and it definitely makes me want to check out more. Brown has an interesting writing style - one that makes you see deeper into her characters' head without the reader realizing. I never thought I'd find myself sympathizing with the characters I sympathized with *scoff* Eli-the-douche-benefactor *scoff* and make you smile even in the most baffling of moments. I could've preferred less mushy romance though.As good as it is - this book is NOT for everybody. It's intense and has enough conflict in it to last forever. But the way Brown has tied things up is commendable but still I would've wished a better closure for some of the things. And because I despise happy endings in broken stories like The Lonely... Let's keep it at that.My favorite parts you ask? Shell and Stuart. I'd snatch Stuart up if Shell hadn't already sank her claws into him!3.5 Stars