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Crash into You

Crash into You - Katie McGarry YES! YES! YES!!!I KNEWWWWW HE WOULD GET A BOOK!LEMME BE DONE WITH BETH'S STORY FIRST. THEN MS. MCGARRY WE WILL NEED TO HAVE A TALK ABOUT THE PUB DATE OF THE BOOKS. YES, WE WILL.FOR NOW THOUGH,Update #1 16/01/13dudjgkglglhlglhkgiffkfkflgk I am a sucker for self-control!! Just read the first two chapters and I'm like all dvlvhfjdjxjxjzxI think I already Love Rachel!!And hate the fact that I have to WAIT to get more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Update #2 19/01/13God didn't send this angel to save me. He sent her as a sacrifice...Reread the first two chapters for the millionth time because I have, like, zero self control... Isaiah....NEEDWANTNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDWANTWANTNEEDNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDWANTWANTNEEDNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDWANTWANTNEEDNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDNEEDWANTNEEDWANTWANTNEEDNEEDT_T