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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout It is no secret that I hated Opal. That had made me almost not want to read Origin. Especially since I found out we'd also be getting Daemon's PoV and authors are known to butcher the dream guy I had in my head when theire heads are shown.Also all of the newer Armentrout's books - Wait for Me, Frigid - were sore disappointments I have also given up on the Covenant series for now.But this book. THIS BOOK. What a comeback.It was a perfect reminder for us that WHY Jennifer Lynn Armentrout is the queen of YA snark.The stakes were higher in this book. The enemies were closer. Finally - FINALLY - the plot picked up and we were nearing the climax of Luxen-Arun-Daedalus conflict and trying to figure out who exactly are the bad guys. (Hint: ALL OF THEM)And the Origins? Those mofos are THE shit. Really.The romance between Kat and Daemon was too bland in the third book for me. But here it too has equal amount of neediness and kickassery. And don't forget the snark. And the one-liners. I was laughing my ass off half of the book.And the other half?I was crying. For EVERYTHING.This book has so many FEELS.I abso-friggin-lutely LOVED it. Daemon's PoV rocked. Kat rocked. Luc the 15-year-old-club-owner became my newest favoritest person in the whole damn world. And I may or may not be in love with Archer no-last-name. We meet loads of new and old characters and all of them are restored to their former glory and not the shells of who they were in Opal.Yep - it was THAT good.I only have one complaint. YOU KILLED ALL THREE OF ANDREW ASH AND ADAM! ALL THREE! AND ALL OF DEE DAEMON AND DAWSON ARE ALIVE! Convenient much?But, I can live with that IF and only if Opposition does not fall into crap again. I don't ask for a lot, do I?5 stars Because the Daemon in this book deserves nothing less.