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Losing Lila

Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson Actual rating: 4.5 starsThis book was even better thanHunting Lila. It was fast, action-packed, with enough drama and kickass-ness. It starts where Hunting Lila ended, with Alex and Lila at New Mexico waiting for Demos and gang to show up. And then the Unit gets wind of their whereabouts and then the action explodes in full force gripping us till the last page. For the first few chapters in the book Lila is distraught with the news of their mother being alive and Jack being taken by the Unit. Yet she moves on to do what she has to and that is quite remarkable. When she finally gets herself together, it is awesome. Though the way her power grew was quite sudden for me [like when she can move Alex's hand once and then suddenly she can move all humans with her mind] but once I got used to it, it was amazing. The evil Richard Stirling was quite hate-worthy though I wanted more of his evilness in the book. Same goes for Rachel too. I really loved Suki too, she is clearly my favorite character in the book. All the side characters were amzing and I totally laughed my ass off whenever Key's mom opened her mouth. Amber, broken by Ryder's death, was also amazing throwing her angst towards revenge. The evil Unit (and the evil minion Sara) seemed to have gone a bit overboard though. And Jonas, I was feeling really sorry for the poor guy. Now to the leading guys Jack and Alex, I cannot decide which one of them I love more. I was feeling quite sorry for Alex when he was feeling useless surrounded by the powerful psys. But he is an awesome character and one of the best heroes ever. He loves Lila, he tries hid best to protect her and when he realizes she doesn't need him to protect herself anymore... well, it is hard for him to get used to. And for Jack [He's a psy! He's a psy! He's a psy!! With HEALING POWERS!!! You heard me - he can heal... How awesomely super cool is that?? ] his character had so much more to do than in the first book. He was every inch the overprotective brother, and he was seriously the best character in the book once he got out of coma. This book was an amazing sequel to Hunting Lila and it had a perfect ending too. The last extra bit from Alwx's point of view was totally swoon-worthy! I just hope Sarah Alderson will let the series rest it at this point and not drag it out unnecessarily.