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Crewel - Crewel had the potential to be THE dystopian fantasy of the year. I loved its premise – the idea of being able to weave matter into time was unique and completely fascinating. I loved the concept of Arras – where the world – both time and nature – were controlled by Spinsters and the endless possibilities of what their looms could do. I naturally had very high expectations with this book but somewhere this book failed to live up to it.In all fairness, Crewel is not a bad book. I really liked Gennifer Albin’s brand of writing – the dialogues were not cheesy and Adelice’s sarcasm managed to crack me up almost always. But I felt the characters lacked enough characterization. If we take out the backdrop of the fantasy world, Crewel would read like every other YA book – a (whiny) female protagonist with powers nobody else has, villains zeroing in on her to exploit those powers, a tortured hero and of course, an awkward (and unnecessary) love triangle. Personally, I think the book would have fared better without a first person narrative – I wanted to know more about other characters, like Enora, Loriel, Valerie and Jost , rather than just Adelice.As for the romance, I really liked that it was just a small (albeit important) part of a much bigger story. What I did not like was that the writer had to make it a love triangle. Honestly, the book would have read completely same even if we remove Erik – his character was as necessary as Rosalie’s M6 from Twilight (something pretty for everyone to fawn over). I totally adored Jost though (and no, that is not why I am being mean to Erik!) and he is easily my favorite character in the book so far.Crewel is a really good beginning to a dystopian series but as a single book it ended up being just okay. I am really interested to see where Albin will take the story from here.2.5/5 StarsThis ebook was provided to me by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.