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Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout OH MY GOD!! I LOVE YOU DAEMON BLACK... YOU ARE AWESOME!*swoons* *hyperventilates*......Oh, who am I kidding? Like I will ever get over my Daemon swoonfest!! This book was awesome, even better than Obsidian. If you think you had a crush on the amazingly hot and annoying and jerk Daemon Black this new sweeter Daemon will blow your mind! He is just that awesome. This book picks up where Obsidian left off with Katy and Daemon being bound by some freaky alien connextion after Daemon healed her. Daemon is not hiding his feelings for Katy anymore and she thinks this change in attitude has more to do with the alien mojo than what Daemon really feels. The book is pure YA. Superhot chemistry. Amazing drama. Hot sexual tension. Hilarious dialogues. And breathtaking action. I was hooked from the very first pen poke and until the last page. When the book was over my first thought was - now what the eff am I supposed to do until Opal comes out? The ending was so torturous I don't think I can last any longer without knowing what happens next!!And that little extra from Daemon's point of view... Was Armentrout trying to make us all spontaneously combust? I would've fallen in love with Daemon just from that little bit if I had not already been head over heels. Seriously... Ms. Armentrout if you see dark shadows riaming around your house, they are not Arum. Just a fanatic me trying to find out what happens next!!