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Opal (Lux Novel)

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout I was so excited to read this book! So damn excited! I LOVE Daemon! I LOVE Katy! I LOVE their banter! I LOVE this series! I LOVE every damn character and I would gladly gobble up ANYTHING Ms Armentrout would give me. My disappointment with this book does not change the fact that I am a fan of Jennifer's writing. But I still couldn't like this book.THIS BOOK WAS SO DAMN PREDICTABLE!AND CHEESY!... and those are the two characteristics I CANNOT tolerate in a book. Each time Katy or Daemon opened their mouths to say something sweet and romantic to each other, or act sweet and romantic around each other, or talked about sweet and romantic stuffs between them to others(this was mostly Katy because we aren't in Daemon's head... yet) I was rolling my eyes. In short, you can say I was doing a lot of eye rolling during this book.And without any spoilers about the cliffhanger ending (which I oh-so-saw-coming) it didn't torture me as much as it should. That was definitely a bad sign. Also I felt bored (*gasp*) while reading the book and even Daemon's hotness and Katy's sarcasm couldn't hold my interest. I read both the Lux Novels, the Novella and every Extra from Daemon's PoV in a single sitting - without even blinking my eyes. And it took me entirety of TWO days.. with putting the book down every few pages and thinking what is wrong with me for not being to get into this book I was oh-so-excited about!The fault's with me I guess. I love fight and tragic separations more than romantic kissy scenes. On that note I hope I will like the next installment better *winks*After a bit of back and both I'd have to say 2 Stars.