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Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles There is this tiny bit of common sense I left behind before reading this book- if you didn't like the first book don't bother with the sequel. It will probably be shitty too. And God, I tried to like this book, I really did. Here's the book in short- Maggie's an idiot, Caleb's a d-bag and Simon Elkeles can write a lot better romance (cue Perfect Chemistry) than one about two pathetic little creatures who also happen to be having some real troubles that sounded sad ONE WHOLE BOOK AGO! And oh, both of them want to get into each others' pants but are too confused because of the aforementioned problems and yet have no qualms about fooling around. Until the make-out session is over, of course. If I thought Caleb and Maggie were blowing things out of proportions in the first book, this book made me reconsider.The only bright point here was Lenny, and his funny wacko comments. It would have been better if the Re-START program has been given more focus and the supporting characters given more personality. I wanted to know more about Damon, Erin, Trish, Lenny, heck even Vanessa other than read Maggie and Caleb bitch about how much they love each other but will not confess, will ignore each other and bitch more about the fact that it is not working between them. And don't even get me started on Leah and Julio getting together that made me laugh for so long I even forgot what's funny. This book also had the problem of Caleb and Maggie having the same voice (but they both are equally whiny I know one cannot help but be confused!). And the Happily Ever After felt so damn forced I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the book. For all the time Caleb and Maggie spent complaining about their problems it was quite easily solved. And yeah, Kendra is still a bitch; though I don't understand why we wanted to be reminded of that fact again.Even one star is a big stretch, but it is my fault, really. I never should have read this book.