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Nobody - Jennifer Lynn Barnes *Minor Spoilers Ahead if that is even possible because everything can be completely guessed in the first few pages*I deserve an award in masochism self-control. I finished this ENTIRE book without tearing a single page out and throwing it on the wall. I cannot even begin - at all - how I ever thought I would like this!Oh, wait! I know! I exactly know!"There are people in this world who are Nobody. No one sees them. No one notices them. They live their lives under the radar, forgotten as soon as you turn away.That’s why they make the perfect assassins."Assasins. *eyetwitch* The blurb said ASSASSINS. Not pansy-ass teenagers who like playing invisible Sherlock.Nix is a trained assassin because he is perfect for the job. Nobody can see him, nobody notices him, and he can kill people and easily slip away unnoticed. How then, I wonder did the evil evil people train him to be a killer and notice him enough to use him. FAILAnd Claire. Poor, poor, Claire. You cannot imagine the level of poor she is. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, in her class wrote "have a nice summer" in her yearbook. *gasp* THE HORROR! But seriously, Claire is never noticed by anyone, never seen, never heard and always ignored. Made me wonder how her doctor even noticed her after she was born. They might have spent hours looking for the invisible baby all over the hospital roomSo Claire and Nix are Nobodys. Ignored, forgotten, used, and guess what do they do when they see each other?THEY FALL IN LOVE!Hallelujah - the worst bout of instalove I have EVER encountered in the pages of a novel.Here are two quotes - only two paragraphs apart - from when these two poor souls finally meet.He's looking at me. He's going to kill me. I'm going to die.Great observtional skills, Sherlock.Claire didn't want to think about him. Didn't want to anticipate the killer's touch her own last breath, but there was a tiny part of her - the Romeo and Juliet part, the Heathcliff and Catherine - that thought for the briefest second that maybe this moment was what she'd always been meant for.Maybe she's been born to die by this boy's hands.Gag. Gag. A creeper of a hot guy coming to kill you is NOT romantic. Not even if he IS hot.In short - Claire's mind is : Oh look, this boy is pointing his gun at me. He can see me. He'll probably kill me but he notices me. That counts as something, doesn't it?And Nix - God Bless him. He is the WORST SERIAL KILLER I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. He made it sound like a third grader's weekend assignment. Oh, the teacher gave me this paper and I have to do what she says because the teacher says Nulls are evil and it is upto me to kill them. Oh, also the Nulls are evil because they are sadistic bastards who kill others for sport. What does that make you dear Nix?But The Best Damn Part about this book was *cue drumroll* the face touching.Never did I have the non-pleasure of reading a book with so much importance given to facetouching since Twishite. It was cute, not.One of the most recurring happenings(made better by alternative PoV):Claire: (touches Nix's face)Nix: (jumps away from her touch) I am a vile, vile monster, a killer, I don't deserve to be touched by someone as pure and beautiful, and wonderful like Claire.Claire: Oh, No. Nix does not want me to touch him. Nobody ever wants me. I am not beautiful and Nix is so hot. Did I mention Nix is hot? Why would he ever want me. (cries)Nix: I am a vile, vile monster. Look, I made Claire cry. (touches Claire's face to wipe her tears)*more facetouching*Rinse and Repeat.How Romantic.Bleh, I have more rant in me - but I'd rather not go down the memory lane anymore.This book sucks.Less than 1 star if I could.Now let me go find something else to read that will rinse its memory from my mind.PS The Institute (how original) is evil, but you already knew that.