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One Breath Away

One Breath Away - Before I read this book I had heard comparisons of Gudenkauf's with Jodi Picoult's works. I must admit that was the main reason why I wanted to read this book in the first place. I am a big fan of Picoult, but I have to say Heather Gudenkauf's writing is a different world in itself.The book started off a bit slow - not a bad slow, but slow in the sense that she was letting us get familiar with the setting and characters for quite a while before moving on with the progression of the story. I was hooked by the writing. The alternating point of view did not put me off or disturbed the flow of the book for me. All the characters were flawed, but real. It was refreshing to read and I was constantly on the edge.This is my first book by the author, but I am pretty sure it will not be the only one. I liked the way she tackled the issues in the book and let the stories of all the different characters merge together. It was a subtle but compelling thriller and I absolutely loved it.A well deserved 5 stars!This ebook was provided to me by the publishers in exchange of an honest review