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Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles I had put off reading this book for a long time... it sounded so sweet and sad and beautiful, right?No.I had expected more from Simon Elkeles. After falling head over heels for her Perfect Chemistry series I had expected the story to be more realistic, more relatable..... simply more. I was thoughroughly dissapointed.The book started on an interesting premise with Caleb getting out of jail and Maggie starting school despite all her insecurities and the injury from the car accident. After the first two chapters I was hooked. A couple few pages and then everything goes downhill. I still do not understand why they fell for each other, I don't understand that if Caleb was not okay with taking the blame for the accident why he did it and yet keeps threatening Leah to expose the truth. So much for being the selfless big brother. Most of the times I could not distinguish whether I was reading Caleb's POV or Maggie's, both of them sounding oh, so depressed and whiny. I know, I know they have a lot to be depressed about but they have to at least try to understand that the people who did not go to jail or been in an accident may have problems too. Oh, and yeah, try to move on.I am a big fan of Ms Elkeles, but I am sorry but this book just did not work for me.