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Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper - Elizabeth Finn "Given the fact you're pacing about, I’m going to hazard a guess you're wondering why I’ve asked you to stay. Am I right?”No - I didn't pull this quote from a historical novel and put it accidentally in a review for a contemporary one. Why, this is our kind hearted lawyer-to-be Mr. Logan speaking. Yes, he is a twentyfirst century gentleman "hotness incarnate" (not my words). And yes - as a person with a first hand experience of Law school I can assure everyone that all lawyers are selfish pricks kind and who throw legal terms at unnecessary points in a conversation because they are oh so knowledgeable. They always make the decision to forget that law exists and give shelter to underage "beautiful" best-friends of their younger sisters if they are victims of domestic abuse. No, really. They also retaliate to the abuser by hitting them back and fighting dirty if ever met face to face. They possess great deal of selflessness and their reason for continued silence on the matter and to not run to the authorities will be that the DA can charge them for abetment of the abuse because of their continued silence. Professional ethics, ya know?Despite the entire situation with everything hurting my head I hated the way domestic abuse was taken. Lightly - and as a way to further the plot. Because really, if we wrote that Logan had abducted her and forced his oh-so-utterly-*insert gushing here*-gorgeous self on her the book wouldn't work with the audience or maybe it would. :/ Abuse is a serious problem. Maybe this is fiction - maybe the book is more focused on romance but the idea of a drunken father with no personality at all beating her up without a reason at all and unexplained seven years worth of bruises is a grave one. And Logan and Rowe's attitude towards it - I didn't see the same seriousness depicted. I am honestly in no position to judge the entire story. I abandoned it at 50%. I tried to like this book - I tried as long as I could. But I didn't like the characters and the way the plot - which sounded so interesting in the blurb - was actually moving forward. The urge to call Logan 'Mr. Lawyer Dude' and Rowe 'That Weird Chick Who is Full of BS' is growingAnd of course the insta-love. How could I forget the insta-love? Oh Shut Up Shambhawi. They've known each other for 7 years. It isn't insta-love. Oh, lemme rephrase then. And of course the insta-lust. How could I forget the insta-lust? Better? Yeah. One moment they were a girl and her best friends older brother. One phone call, one rescue and one platonic night together later they cannot thinking dirty thoughts of each other? And can you guess what happens next? Of course - the aforementioned best friend and the not-mentioned Girlfriend (whom he hadn't broken up with officially despite cheating on her acting on his great feelings of desire and forbidden love *eyeroll* towards Rowe)... Back to the point the two side characters disappear. As does the abusive father. And one would expect the pages to be filled with witty conversations, budding romance, cutesy scenes, right? NO. We get internal monologues - of how hot he is, how beautiful she is, how beautiful he is, how innocent she is, how smart he is, how in need of his protection she is, and how this thought leads to the fact that they are imagining the two of them in the act of ding-dong-dang. No. Simply no. I cannot follow this train of thought. I do not understand the ratings bestowed upon the book in GoodReads. I simply do not. PS I realized I have mentioned nothing about Rowe's dancing in the review. That's how forgettable it was.