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Stalking Sapphire: A Thriller

Stalking Sapphire - Mia Thompson If I would have to sum this book up in two words it would either be "Wasted Potential" or "Dumb Cops".This was supposed to be a light fluffy read with humor and a dash of suspense to keep me on the edge. And also sizzling chemistry between the two leading protags. That too.Chemistry wise this book was in negative scales. I did not feel even a spark between Aston and Sapphire. Mystery wise it was okay - fairly predictable but well drawn out. Sapphire was a cool character though I think the Beverly Hills cliche seemed be a bit overdone. I hope we will get a better look at her back story as well as her skills - which were hopelessly lacking in this book - in the sequel (because there Will be a sequel, right?). As for Aston I had serious problem figuring him out. His character seemed fluctuating and contradictory to himself most of the times. Where Sapphire stands for him, his job, his everything seemed messy and unclear.It was not so good but not despicably bad. I am actually looking forward to reading the sequel - as a series this a whole lot of potential which it could not build up in the first book. Only if the cops get themselves to smart up. This ebook was provided to me by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.