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Monsters (Ashes Trilogy)

Monsters - Ilsa J. Bick DNF at 38%Life is too short to read bad books and everyone is annoying the fuck out of me.Here's the thing.I really enjoyed Ashes - for most part. It was a cool post-apocalyptic novel about Alex, Ellie and Tom surviving in a fried zombie infested world.Then Ilsa J Bick tried to turn it into a stupid dystopia. And with that story arc I really lost my interest. Shadows was no better. It was almost to worse with many different story arcs from different characters' point of views and none of them seeming to tie up.So I expected everything to come together cleanly in Monsters. I expected to learn more about the original EMT that fried the world along with all of the different arcs tying up together. I expected to read more about Alex and Tom and their subtle but should have been powerful relationship that I was promised since the first book. I wanted Ellie back. And I also wanted that disgustingly gory way of storytelling that actually keptme from DNFing Shadows.I only got the gore. And without a proper story to back it up it was more of the same and not enough in itself to hold my interest. And the other stories were dominating over Alex and Tom's stories and I couldn't care any less about Peter or Chris. Ashes trilogy was supposed to a particular type of book - but it tried to incorporate so many elements in it that it was neither here nor there.Monsters was the worst of the lot.So, I didn't finish it.1 StarThis ebook was provided to me by the publishers via Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review