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Heart on a Chain

Heart on a Chain - Cindy C. Bennett Let's just say this:Had I not read Perfect Chemistry, Reason to Breathe, What I Didn't Say, Eleanor & Park, Nineteen Minutes - and many other contemporary realistic fictions about sad teenagers then I might have liked it. But I had read these books. So the only emotion running in me while reading this was been there, done that. This book is actually sad and heart-touching but nothing really new of different from other books of this genre. It had the whole i-don't-deserve-you and how-can-he-ever-fall-for-me clichés going on almost the entire book. So much that even my eyes hurt from rolling too much.And the characters. They were nice, likable but again nothing new. Again this had my whole meh frame of mind going on where I did not really care much about what happened as I was skipping off to the Happily Ever After that I knew would be there at the end. The book was also oh-so-predictable but with all the contemporary romance clichés at hand, that is almost obvious. And I was also a little pissed off about the legalities being screwed up and process being butchered but I got over it now.I think fans of heartbreaking contemporary romance will love this book. Me? Me thinks me needs something a little too different that the books I've already read. 2 Stars