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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1) - This is not a review.Not really.This is me expressing my surprise on how good this book is.And yes I HAD super duper high expectations from this book but I have in been in such a down in my head this past week I had seriously started doubting my ability to love anything I read.And I absolutely freaking loved this book!Okay, So maybe this IS a review. This book, for one, was not AT ALL what I expected it to be. I expected it to be a dystopian novel about a girl living in a world where nature has been destroyed and people are struggling to get food and other necessary stuff. The girl's brother is abducted and she goes out to search for him and meets with rebels who were rebelling against the said nature-less society and they team together to bring it down and save the girl's brother and the world as well. Somewhere enter a hot guy who makes the heroine's blood boil with his cocky attitude and they get on each other's nerves until they fall in love and the heroine realizes that the guy knows something and he's not telling her and stuff. Also maybe another guy who captures the heroine's attention and makes her catch her breath. You know, the usual dystopian society and its quirks and heroines with a hidden violent streak.THIS WAS NOT THAT STORY.Okay, it was but not in the way you would think it would be... nope. This book is unique for the lack of a better word (and yes - I am still searching for the better word).I was at first taken aback by the writing style - it reminded me of [b:Forrest Gump|186190|Forrest Gump|Winston Groom|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347932072s/186190.jpg|1500218] with all sayins an whatnots jest writeen like the reader 'ud kno ta figger out whats bein writeen. It kind of put me off at first but it grew on me as I kept reading and I even enjoyed the carefree way the story was written. I neeva ekspekted to.Saba was a strong heroine - though idiotic at times as heroines usually are. I can't say she's my favorite character in the book - eventhough she kicked ass and had a lot of attitude. Emmie - I loved her. And the supporting characters were all good. As was Jack as the devilishly handsome and cocky love interest. I am seriously intrigued about one particular character though and I do wish he had made an appearance that lasted for more than 8 total lines in maybe three different times in the book. Hell, I definitely hope DeMalo has more to do in the sequel(and doesn't let me down)The plot - it's worth reading the book just for the plot. It's a different kind of dystopia than all the Hunger Games knockouts we see around. It put me constantly on the edge. I couldn't have put this book down even if I wanted to. And I DEFINITELY did not.Strong heroine. Check.Hot Hero. Check.Awesome butt characters. Check.Unique Story. Check.Gripping plot. Check.Add to it that not cliffhanger not making me want to bang my head on a wall ending and hell - why wouldn't it be a 5 star book!Off to get myself a copy of the sequel! ASAP!