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Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger You know that awkward moment when you read a Gail Carriger book you had such high expectations from - and you are all *meh* while you get through with it?Yup. This is one of them for me.The book was all spy school and prototype and learning how to kill along with curtsying and all promises of action and thrills along with steampunk. So why, I wonder, I was half asleep for the most of the book?Etiqutte & Espionage had all the makings of a good book - and yet it failed to hold my interest. I knew exactly what to expect from this and that was exactly what I got. Except maybe for action - I definitely wanted more of it.To sum it up? Think of Gallahger Girls series in Victorian Era minus the action and the love angle. Ta-da you haz this book.2.5 StarsI'm looking out for the sequel though this book did not impress me much - the series still has promise if Calliger can make good on it.