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Death Ain't But A Word: A Supernatural Hot Mess

Death Ain't But A Word - Zander Marks More like a 4.5 rating but what the heck - I'm rounding this up!The blurb describes this book as a 'supernatural thrill ride' - and what a ride it was! We follow Wilkin, the very non-prototype protagonist of this story. Wilkin's a crackhead who occasionally 'flies to Peru', sees ghosts and is guided by a cold feeling at the pit of his stomach. But he is not really crazy - and the ghosts and the feelings are real. And when he recovers his childhood friend Humphrey's skull from a rundown motel's backyard the real supernatural chase begins.Marks has hit the nail on the head of the UF genre with his debut book. A compelling narrative, interesting characters, a plot that hooks the reader right into it and a very well maintained mixture of wit and horror - what more could a girl ask for? The book managed to make me laugh out loud as much as it made goosebumps break out on my skin - and that is something few writers can evoke in their readers. The book is unique from the ones we are usually see in this genre - the characters, the setting and the plot is completely different from what we are used to reading. But Marks manages to mesh this all well together and had me at least gobbling all of his words from the very start.I was expecting this book to be especially engaging and interesting, but Marks exceeded all my expectation. He is definitely a writer to watch out for if he keeps on writing amazing, out of the norm books like this one!This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.