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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I don't even know what I'm supposed to write here.I don't get the hype, not really.Nope.The cheese. The innuendos. The romance. The fluff.For those of you who don't care for chick-lit and cheese like me get out of here, this book is NOT for you. But with THAT title, cover and blurb you've already figured that out.I don't even understand Why I did read it. Maybe I was tired of seeing it every time I opened my Goodreads page or Amazon store.It was not bad per se, it was just not me. I liked it well enough though.For those of you who do love chick-lit and cheese -- *squeeeeeeeeeeee* you are gonna totally enjoy this book. It's what it is. It is funny, romantic, cheesy, corny, sweet, downright dreamy, droolworthy hero and a totally sassy heroine. And the chemistry - HAWT - though I would have preferred more bickering.It's a really good book for the correct audience. Pity I wasn't it. Not completely. *winks*