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Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son - Lori Duron, Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka This book was beautiful. And unique.I will not lie.. It was the foreword by Neil Patrick Harris that drew my attention to the book and the blurb just reeled me in. A book about a parents' adventures in raising a son who would rather be a daughter? The social taboo of this very notion was scary and I was intrigued to what the author had to say.Duron did not disappoint. One could see her pride in her son reflected in her words, something that made me smile more than once. Her initial conflict in accepting her son's choices, along with her preconceptions about sexuality and reflections of them in her son's actions were all natural. It was everything anyone in her situation would grow through. But the way the family rose up to accept their child as he was and encouraged him to be himself while balancing the social prejudices was commendable and shows their strength as a family. And Duron has showed this wonderfully in her book.This brings another question too. Would it be a big deal if C.J. was a girl who preferred to play with boy's toys rather than the other way around? Not at all. The society is more comfortable with the idea of tomboys. It is okay with girls wearing boys' clothes and taking part in 'boy' activities. It does not automatically rush to label the girl as 'gay' and shut her out. In a boy's case though the society gets insecure about his masculinity even at the hint of something pink and we try to label him as gay, queer, trans - anything that is not 'fine'.The author shows the above struggle by showing her two sons - Chase the boy-by and CJ the not-so-boy-boy - and their growth parallely and how they interact with each other along with their differences. It was beautiful to read.This is a book everyone must read. Though the narration gets slow in the middle, the content itself never simmers down. 3.5 Stars