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Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell Nenia Campbell has nailed 'INTENSE' with this book. I got the creepy crawlies all over my skin from reading it - and an entire weekend later I still haven't recovered.This is a story of a fourteen year old girl being stalked and threatened. Yes, I was apprehensive too because of Valerian's age. When I was fourteen my life was... nothing special. At all. School, home, friends, assignments - thazzit. I felt it would have been better if the lead character had been older, more mature. The book would have been less of a pseudo-taboo-danger territory for my mind.Then I read the book. And two words:MIND = BLOWN.Honestly.I thought Michael in Cloak & Dagger was intense. I thought Knight fron Kristen Ashley's book of same title was intense. I thought all the bad boy heroes in the multitude of books I've read (which have all slipped out of my head right now) were intense. But they're nothing compared to Gavin Mecozzi.Gavin Mecozzi is not the hero of this book. He's the antihero. He's the villain. He has so many layers to him that we are introduced to in this book... it's amazing. He's at first a loner who seems to have an interest in the heroine, then we see him as a creepy stalker, then a sick bastard but all that he is, is a psychopath. A psychopath who has set his sights on Valerian and is not about to budge.What makes him more terrifying than the other bad boy heroes? There is not going to be 'redemption' for him, no chance at all of the heroine's 'love' to change him into a better person. What makes him worse than the other villains? Valerian might just be damaged enough to fall for him despite knowing what he is. The entire book I was like "She's just fourteen you perverted fuck!" and I kept praying for Valerian to listen to those around her, get away from him, get away from him, get away from him... Those perverse thoughts, those pictures he drew, the way he saw Valerian - I felt I needed to scrub a layer of my brains even just after reading the book. This had a bigger impact on me because of Valerian's age, I realized, if she was older she never really was in risk of not seeing through Gavin.Nenia has outdone herself with this book.4.5 Stars.I am in a constant state of goosebumps every time I think of Gavin licking Valerian's blood. *shudder*