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Armed and Dangerous (The IMA, #2) - Nenia Campbell This book is awesome, the same tension and conflict that we saw in Cloak and Dagger continues on to the sequel. And when I say tension I mean the Holy Hell Smokin' sexual tension. Compared to the first book Christina kicked ass. I still feel the IMA is not that convincing as a dangerous mercenary organization - especiallly in the hands of Adrian the Asshole. But honestly, Michael Boutillier is really all that matters and he was still as sexy - if not sexier than the first book. We got to see a more tender side of him - one we only got only glimpses of in C&D and Lemme tell you being in love with this Michael does not leave me as conflicted as it did before. This book though had more eyeroll worthy moments than C&D - but as the plot thickened and the danger exponentially increasd I was gripping the edge of my seat all the cheesy mushy crap at the back of my head. Nenia did a great job of making her characters grow from the first book - softer in Michael's case and harder in Christina's. Their relationship (or rather lack thereof) was agonizingly putting me on the edge and while I knew they had to take it slow, I desperately wanted them to get together already and put my tattered heart in rest. And I also happened to write a poem for a particular favorite assassin of mine. Though this is more for hr as he was in C&D than in this book. Heartless killer.Ruthless love. He owns my heart and he claims my soul. So I carve my flesh to give him more. He cuts me apart, Reaches deeper than skin. But kisses away all the pain when he is done with me.I die in his arms, A happy painUntil he shreds my soul again.