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The Deepest Night - Shana Abe This review contains *major* spoilers for The Sweetest Dark but not for this bookI had liked the way the first book had ended. It would have been a beautiful end for a stand-alone novel. I still think it was not really necessary to turn this into a series. But, if I am completely honest, I like the second book better than the first one in some ways.Condraticting much? Here's explanation.The writing flows much, much smoothly in this book than the first one and the plot is also considerably sronger and intriguing. We get to know much more about Drakons - their pasts and the scope of their powers. And even if I am completely into Jesse since the first book, Armand surprisingly grew on me as a love interest. The shifting dynamics of Lora and Armand's relationship did not seem awkward or forced and the growth seen in their characters was remarkable.It is no secret I despise love triangles and I tend to avoid them as much as I can in this love triangle infested genre of YA and I think killing one of the characters is the worst copout an author could go for in such cases. So when Jesse died - and I was fully pro-Jesse - I was dreading this book even more. But Shana Abe has shown her worth as an author here, handling Jesse's death and the complexity of the relationship between all characters wonderfully.The multiple PoVs - Jesse's (Especially in the prologue! I cried SO MUCH!!), Lora's and Armand's blend together and this book is much better in technical aspects than he first one. Emotionally though, it made me a wreck. I cried everytime Jesse was mentioned - in his PoV, in Lora's head, in Armand's head, in the Star's head(?)s and I could not decide whether I liked Jesse-of-the-Stars better in life or death.The upside of 3.5 Stars I think.This ebook was provided to me by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.