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A Tale of Two Brothers - Chad R. Mitchell There is a folktale in Nepal called "Shishir Basanta ko Katha" (Translation: Tale of Shishir and Basanta). I read it in ninth grade as a part of my school. It was also a story of two brothers, Shishir and Basanta, who had to wander among forests after they were forced to leave their home because of their cruel stepmother. I never liked it - I felt it lacked imagination, a sense of danger, a connection with the characters or any personality in the characters themselves. While reading Tale of Two Brothers I was continuously drawing parallels with that story, though honestly they do not have anything in common. Tale of Two Brother was everything the former could not be - it was imaginative, it had a sense of danger, I felt connected to the characters - characters who showed continued growth during the span of the book. I really, really enjoyed reading this book.I especially liked the relationship between Adam and Avery - the brother's love for each other with a dash of that sibling rivalry was well done (and with a sister of my own I could relate with). And each character had a distinct voice. Sometimes in a book told from multiple point of view I have the complaint that the characters all sound similar. But not here. Mitchell shows each character in distinct light and a thorough understanding for each of their growth throughout the story. I was also completely drawn in by the fantasy world created by Mitchell, especially the creatures he created and put in the boys' way.I did feel that the writing got monotonous at bits, enough to make my thoughts to drift for a bit. The few typos scattered here and there were also a bit distracting. But not enough to wane my interest or wonder. Each time I put the book down I found myself wondering about Adam, Avery, Caleria, Jace and the sheer ingenuity of the different creatures that have been portrayed here and I jumped right back in. I was almost sad to see it finish.The only relief here is that there are eight more parts of this tale to come.This ebook was provided to me by the author for an honest review.