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Boys Don't Cry - Malorie Blackman This book was kind of different from what I was expecting but I really liked it nonetheless. Malorie Blackman shows the story of 17 year old Dante who is suddenly having to take care of almost an year old infant he did not know he was the father of. Putting his dreams, plans and future on hold he picks up the child and takes on his responsibility resenting little Emma for barging in and messing everything up. Malorie Blackman shows the story of 16 year old Adam who is not afraid to hide his homosexuality in front of everyone unlike the cruel boy he has fallen in love with. Written in alternating point of view between Dante and Adam it shows the story of these two brothers and how they come in terms with who they are and what is really important in life - family.It was a beautifully written sweet, sad story with raw honesty and realness in the characters. The Muse references did not hurt either. Boys Don't Cry - despite its title shows that yes, Boys DO Cry for things that are important to them but as long as they brush those tears off and get on ahead it is completely okay.