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C I N - Christina Leigh Pritchard I might've liked this book a lot less had I read it with a different frame of mind. Regardless, I was in mood for something crazy and C I N provided it to me. I did have a problem with Lisa's character though - her character was not well defined and completely unpredictable, and not necessarily in a good way. Her reactions to things were completely childlike and stupid at times while somehow she turned into a mature thinking person the next. I also couldn't digest the love triangle which in most ways wasn't really a love triangle at all. I didn't really understand the supernatural part of the book and how Alex's and everyone else's powers worked. The school or non-school the attitude of locals to the "students" there... I was thoroughly confused. Why everyone stopped her from touching Rat the cat also is hard for me to wrap my head around. The frequent moodswings for EVERY character also almost gave me a migraine. But I did say I liked this book, right?And yes - I actually did. Had I stopped to think about it and dissected this book I might've dwelled on the flaws and frustrated myself. But I went with the flow - finished the book in a single sitting and actually found myself enjoyed by the epic randomness and craziness of C I N. I read it as if it was a parody of every frustrating YA book that I have read and that made me enjoy this a hell lot more. I don't think I will be reading the sequel though. The little sample of Alex's head I got at the end was enough to put me off :/PS. Is it just me or is the attitude of Pig the Dog A LOT like that of Edward from Twilight? 'I love you but I'll not let you touch me because I am dangerous but I will stare at you from distance and stay in your bedroom while you sleep just to ogle you' vibe I got from him was kinda familiar. Only the lullaby was missing. ;)This book was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.