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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor I hated this book. I hated it.I hated that it is so bleak, so depressing - that it gave me so little to smile about.I hated the name of this book, which while giving nothing away tells the entire story at the same time.I hated the first chapter that made me giggle so much and didn't prepare me for the onslaught of emotions and tears that gripped me for the rest of the book.I hated the war, I hated the destruction, the endless misery with no hope for both sides.I hated the seraphim for the destruction they created, for cities they destroyed, children they killed and the perverse victory they gained from it.I hated the chimaera, what was left of their numbers, for holding on to their dreams of victory and vengeance and continuing to be the beasts they were branded to be.I hated Karou for all that she stood for - for turning into a broken shell of a spunky blue haired girl who felt ashamed of a dream that she once shared with someone she once loved. I hated Karou for holding on to only rage and bitterness whenever Akiva's name came up.I hated Akiva for trying alone to build a better world, risking himself for it for an enemy he once loved and a blue haired girl he still does. I hated Akiva for holding on to a bleak sort of hope whenever Karou's name came up.This book is a bundle of emotions all raw and painful and Laini Taylor wove them into words so much more powerful than in [b:Daughter of Smoke Bone|8490112|Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)|Laini Taylor|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338613368s/8490112.jpg|13355552] I didn't know what to do with them, how to feel them. I put this book down more than once, unsure whether I could finish it, whether I could take where Taylor was taking this story. I gave up on it, I put it down, I tried to get back to real life and outside this warring world of merciless angels and defeated beasts; the world of vengeful beasts and scarred angels. But I came back each time, picked it back up and read on because I couldn't not see me finishing the book.It was a torture to read on, to keep getting frustrated, to follow every twist and turn and keep reading because you hate where the story is going but you also cannot see it going anywhere else. I want to give it only one star. I hated everything about this book. But when I write this review and go and rate it the cursor would only go to the fifth star at the end. I cannot rate it any less.I hated this book. I hated the emotional blubbering mess it made of me. But most of all I hated the fact that it does not have a sequel yet.And that is what makes this book so fucking brilliant.