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Dragon's Fire: Novellas 1,2, & 3 - Danielle Kazemi This is a review that has been a long time due. Kazami has an interesting thing going on in this book - with dragons being one of the more overlooked of the paranormal creatures. She has drafted a compelling world with the Unseen and Dragons in their perpetual struggle and our poor heroine Annabelle right on the thick of it. This book failed for me because it so obviously reads like a first draft. Like the author had an interesting concept at their disposal and wrote it down and did not bother to reread it. It was full of errors - grammatical, spelling, punctuation as well as logical and sequential errors alike. I remember one scene where it started with June calling Annabelle but by the end of it they were talking face to face. Some of the scenes between Crispin and Annabelle were too cheesy and yet I could not feel that spark of chemistry between them. Their relationship (or whatever it was) felt clinical and dispassionate. Perry too seemed like a typical secondary love interest who was put in just to create a love triangle. I must say I am attracted to the evil entity that commands the unseen though - that's just how I roll ;)This was a story with a lot of promise that fell short on the execution. But I think - on a later date - I will continue with the novella series. It can only get better from here. This ebook was provided to me in exchange of an honest review.