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Through Glass

Through Glass - Rebecca Ethington

-->Depth of characterization.<--

If I could put the above three words in glaring red font in a humongous size that would sparkle, glitter and dance at the same time, I would. Technically speaking I could put up a gif, but for now the mental image will have to suffice.

These three words show the one thing I admire the most in books. And usually fail to find.



The one word shows the strongest aspect of the book.

Here is what I liked the most about Through Glass.

The characters were extraordinarily penned down. They had personalities, and emotions and stories and a heart and most importantly an ability to worm their ways into mine. Heart, that is.

Many books do. But what's the most remarkable here?

Depth of Characters, especially Cohen.

There are maybe 10 or 15 pages where Cohen actually features. I did not really bother to count, but it was less. I was holding my breath to see him each time and I almost suffocated five times And he does not have much to do. But he is the bravest, swoonworthiest and one of the most wonderfully written love interests among all the books I have read. And I have read many.

It's not the pages that the character is in but the character that is in those pages.

And Cohen is IN those pages. He made me laugh, made me cry, made me grin like a fool and fall head over heels for him and broke my heart and stole my soul and HE WAS HARDLY A PROMINENT PART OF THE STORY.

No, that was Alexis. Brave, desperate Alexis. And she rocked too. In a way near death, chased by monsters yet barely scraping through to survival heroines of post apocalyptic stories tend to rock.

In simple words?
The characterization of ALL the characters, major or minor, was so amazing that Ethington blew me away. I admit, there were not that many characters to work on to begin with but those that were in the book carved a nice niche for themselves. Their voices, quirks and personalities were unique. And be they good or evil they stood out.
That was all I had ever hoped for to find for them.

The story is heartbreaking in its execution. So much happens. So many impossibilities pile up in front of Alexis and yet she trudges on. Their is a hint of loneliness to the narration and being said from the perspective of a girl who constantly wonders if she is the last human alive - that is necessary as well as commendable.

The world building was choppy - a lot of inconsistencies there. As well a lot of space for speculation. [spoiler]

Especially regarding the *ahem* peoplez withz gunz and stuffz


. And a bigger lot of possibilities for the sequel.
Which I admit I am desperately waiting for.

Ethington has created memorable characters with this book. The story is like an afterthought to what happens to these characters and she has blended these two aspects of a good novel together perfectly.

Here's an honest confession. It had been a while since a story had moved me enough to make me cry. Through Glass was managed it somehow. I cried so much especially at the beginning and the end.

4 Stars because no matter how amazing the book is the world building still sucked.