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Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me - Tara Sivec How to write a formula New Adult book

1 heroine with issues.
1 hero with a secret.
Dysfunctional secondary characters to taste.
Strips of cheesy lines.
2 jugs of graphic sex.

Put the heroine in the blame-game pot. Add the hero with the lid on the secrets closed. Add as much of dysfunctional secondary as you would prefer. Add the cheesy lines and stir clockwise for happy moments and again counterclockwise for angsty ones. Add a jug of graphic sex. Stir again with the cheese strips. Add another jug of graphic sex. Uncover the lid on the hero's secret. Let the tension boil out. Then let the mixture simmer down until everything blends in together.

Pour it down into a wordprocessing software.

Label it according to your choice.

Warning: The labels Watch Over Me, The Coincidence of Callie and Cayden, Wait for You, Hopeless, etc have already been taken.

Because this book is nothing if not a typical formula book. And the said formula DID NOT work for me here.
Cheesy and predictable to a fault and the ending made my brain cells die.
The writing was nice-ish, not appallingly bad but not something to sing ballads about either.
But the characters were just like xeroxed cardboard cut-outs of many other NA book characters.
But I almost had a crush on Zander at the beginning before the book turned into a typical rinse-lather-repeat retelling of maximum NA books I've read.
And SOME of his cheesy lines made me laugh. But most of them made my eyes roll.

2 Stars Because I did NOT hate it with a fiery passion - unlike most of my 1 Star books.