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Armentrout should always write from the guy's PoV

Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) - J. Lynn

Cam's head was heckuva lot better than Avery's head. Cam was sweet, sexy, hot and totaly lovable. And also totally cliched. But whatever.


This reminded me of the fact that while reading Origin I totally enjoyed the parts in Daemon's point of view better than those in Katy's.

Also since this is a novella and all the unnecessary parts are deleted, this also means much less monologue and whining of insecurity over their relationship and limbo pages where absolutely nothing happens.

But what I liked the most here? Jase and Ollie had a lot of space in this book, unlike Wait for Me and they totally rocked. This has also planted a nice foundation for Jase and Teresa's story in Be With You which I want so bad!

All in all, a nice read but still kind of meh. But I swooned over Cam so whatever. This was a much much much better read than Wait for You anyway.